Success Coaching

Success Coaching Overview

Success Coaching offers a low-cost collaborative space for youth ages 11 - 17, to create a vision for the future, identify goals, and create a plan to reach those goals. Through prayer, we will guide clients on their path to personal success. Our scheduled video-based coaching sessions will average 30 minutes. Throughout that time, we will offer our clients support, encouragement, and guidance on overcoming any obstacles on their journey.

Our sessions will offer clients a safe space to explore their potential and learn tools to help them develop and reach personal, academic and athletic goals! Read more for our Success Coaching Package that includes tennis lessons!

What to Expect


Prospective clients will complete a Success Coaching application. Once the application is reviewed, we will follow up  through email to schedule an intake interview.  During the intake interview, a coach will meet with the prospective client and their guardian(s) to answer questions. The coach will also review the client's application and intake assessment to determine eligibility for the program.

Introductory Session

In the first coaching session, the coach will provide the client and their parent/guardian (attendance mandatory) detailed information on what clients can expect from working with us, and what ongoing expectations will be required. We will have fun getting to know one another, so we will ask questions about the client’s challenges, dreams and goals. Coaching agreements will be completed and a goal-setting activity is assigned as “homework” to prepare for the next session.

Goal Setting Session

In the follow-up session, we will review the initial goals that the client shares as their primary focus to determine a plan of action to get the client actively working toward their goals!

Check-Ins #1 - 2

Meet to pray, discuss progress of goals, and share resources as needed.

Check-In #3

We will meet to discuss progress and any needed changes in direction. We will also discuss participation and attendance for termination. *If a client is not actively involved in the coaching process or making satisfactory progress, the coaching relationship is subject to termination after this session.

Check-In #4

We will meet to discuss progress of goals; make adjustments as needed.

Check-In #5+

We will meet to pray and discuss the progress of goals; prepare for graduation


During the Graduation session, we will celebrate the client's journey, and discuss the next steps for ongoing success after coaching! Clients, along with their Parents/Guardians, will receive a Post-Graduation coaching report that will summarize their overall progress and participation.


Clients along with their Parents/Guardians will receive a Post-Graduation coaching report that will summarize their overall progress and participation. Successful participants are eligible to apply for the T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. Success Coaching Scholarship!

Our 6-week summer program is designed exclusively for youth who are interested in building basic tennis skills.  Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some tennis experience, our program will cater to all skill levels for youth ages 11-17.  Learn more.