Who are we?

Teaching, Reaching, Inspiring, Nurturing, Igniting Today’s Youth is a faith-based 501(C)(3) program co-founded in 2017 by Adrian and Krys Murray. Our program is dedicated to providing low to no-cost well-being services that are focused on building the spiritual, mental, and physical development of youth. 

As Behavioral Health and Wellness coaches, we use a faith-based approach to offer a personalized experience to help our clients develop goals tailored to help build confidence, increase motivation and improve academic performance in order to prepare for the next steps after High School graduation.

Success looks and feels different for each client, so our coaching sessions are individualized and in support of youth as they experience a time of uncertainty. We aim to help our clients feel prepared, confident, and capable of achieving their goals in the classroom and beyond. The key to success is for clients to come to sessions prepared to put in 100% effort to get where they want to be.